I was laying on the floor the other day exhausted after a brutal WOD, it involved the lovely Assault Bike and just looked up at the skylight in the gym while I recovered. It is interesting to me the reflecting that I can do all because I am searching for an excuse just to lay there a little bit longer! This skylight represents so much to me though. It has seen everything since the day we opened the gym. From living there and having it right over our bed and thinking it was actually trying to kill us with the sun beaming through it, to giving off the perfect light to shoot our birth announcement for our first-born, to leaking rain into multiple buckets for a couple of years just to make working out in a fairly small space with a large group of people interesting. The day I took this picture I was and continue to be so thankful for all the memories that have walked under that skylight. The laughter, frustration, personal record celebrations, tears, and everything in between. It has seen set backs, and growth, the good, the bad, the ugly.

For some reason in this warehouse that we all leave our blood sweat and tears, this skylight, to me, is a beautiful symbol. Whether it is giving off the perfect ray of sun to warm my soul or it is taking a beating in the rain as I feel like I am suffocating below it, it is there reminding me of the struggles that it takes to get back up and do it again and even better the next time.
So I would love to hear what “the skylight” in your life is!