I have always been a person that can sleep anywhere and truly loved sleeping. I have slept in the middle of holiday parties with tons of noise going on, I have been known to nap in the bath tub and at random times throughout the day, and get me in the passenger’s seat of a car and I am out within the first thirty minutes. Then we had kids and well for three years I have not had the best sleep schedule.
**We are now all sleeping through the night for the most part and it is glorious**

This has also made me realize even more how much I value sleep. I haven’t done any of the sleep tests where you block off all light by taping the curtains closed and have zero technology in the room and just wake up when your body naturally wakes up to see how many hours my body truly needs. I will say though with less than six (preferably 8-9) I can feel a difference in how I function throughout the day. Not just how cheery (not sure that is the right word for me?) I am because if you don’t know me I don’t drink coffee and am a full on morning person, but more so how clearly I think, how well I perform while training and the biggest one is my recovery time post workouts.

It is nice to be able to be in tune with myself enough to know most of the time where my body is lacking depending on how productive I am or how maxing I feel depending on the workouts. I would say about 85 percent of people that we have consulted with before joining the gym really value their sleep and most get over 7 hours.

The question that follows “how much sleep do you get” is “how much water do you drink in ounces a day?” Here I would say again 85 percent of people have the same answer. NOT ENOUGH! It’s a very clear and aware answer. I then tell them that suggested water intake for a sedentary person is half their body weight in ounces of water a day and most people say something like “ok” sort of passive. I proceed to inform them if they plan on working out at SteadFast in the middle of the summer maybe they shoot for their body weight. ****Too much water can deplete your electrolytes and I am not a doctor or licensed nutritionist, so don’t go too crazy.****

This is the moment most people’s jaw drops and they say well ok in a that sounds like a big challenge kind of way. I could go on and on about water, but most of you would stop reading.
I definitely drink three-fourths of my body weight in ounces a day. This is not just because I am in the very warm warehouse most of the day, I also drink a ton of water in the winter. It affects my mood and my workouts and my recovery even more so than sleep does.

Some of you may think well you could just go harder in your workouts if you feel “amazing” after. For you, I would say dedicate a week or a month if not three to do a self test to increase either or better yet both sleep and water intake and see if you are able to tell a difference.


Sabrina Nedab