What was your goal when you originally signed up?

My original goal when I signed up for CrossFit was to face my fear of coaches coaching me, other CrossFitters watching me, to lift outside of my comfort zone, and build confidence that I can take into my daily life. I wanted to fulfill the potential that I know is inside. Ironically, I went from shy to SASS!

How did you originally hear about us?

I heard about CrossFit from two dear friends of mine. One friend bragged about going to CrossFit and encouraged me to join her to the point that I tuned her out…and rolled my eyes at the mention of the word CrossFit. The second friend worked out with me. He showed me a few CrossFit workouts…and I wanted more of the workouts, but I wasn’t self-motivated nor trust myself working out on my own. Ironically, I became that CrossFitter after all!

What prompted you to seek us out?

I was prompted by the need to be fed more intense workouts besides going to Pilates, spin classes, running, and working out on my own. I wanted structured workouts and coaches who would encourage and support my growth!

How do you feel about your future?

My strength has drastically improved! I have been a CrossFitter for a year. From where I started to where I am today…I have surprised myself immensely. I want to continue to surprise myself. I’m excited about my future with CrossFit. I have more goals that need to be fulfilled. There is always more room for growth! It’s all about the journey…not the destination.

What have you liked best about working with us?

First, I love 💜 the CrossFit SteadFast family! I am thankful for the amazing coaches. Despite my goofiness and SASS, I trust and respect their expertise. I always joke, “If I’m not doing it wrong, it’s not right!” Trust me, I value the constructive criticism. The extra bonus…I have met some pretty awesome friends. When I walk into the gym, I feel right at home! ⚓️

What would you say to anyone else who might be interested in starting at SteadFast?

Some of the best things happen when you’re uncomfortable….stepping outside of your comfort zone can be amazing. The experiences are both challenging and help you grow.