How did you originally hear about us?

In college, I was on the crew, (rowing).  Since then, exercise has been my therapy.  Nothing like a hard workout to forget about life’s stresses and strains for a bit and reboot. Several years ago I was looking for someone with an erg, [rowing machine]. Some of my teammates wanted to put together a masters 8 (boat with 8 oarsmen), and I needed to get in rowing shape.  My then gym didn’t have one.  Ended up at a CrossFit box.  They had ergs, but beyond that, we’re pretty grim.

Later heard another box had opened nearer to me and decided to try it.  That was SteadFast.  Night and day better.  (Original box subsequently went out of business.)  Coaches immediately started critiquing technique, (and taking weight away until I got it right).  With better form and community encouragement  PRs followed.


How do you feel about your future?

I’m pushing 60, and the PRs are less frequent, but still happen.  (5 x 325 deadlift was the latest.)  My plan is to keep pushing and see how long I can go and how far I can get.  (Warning:  Next March 60 birthday burpees are coming.)  I’ll keep wrestling with my weaknesses, (currently double-unders and muscle ups) and, along with Tony, carry the flag for the distinguished, (euphemism for older), gentlemen’s club now that Eddie and Joe have deserted us.  

What have you liked best about working with us?

Having a great group of people to sweat with.  Good coaches and group suffering is critical motivation.

What would you say to anyone else who might be interested in starting at SteadFast?

Movement is the key to living.  Stop dithering and try it for a few months.  Remember you can always scale – the key to a WOD is to find a load that lets you keep moving.