What was your goal when you originally signed up?

I’d lived in Savannah for 3 months before I was finally able to convince myself to come to SteadFast. I was incredibly nervous about walking into a new box where I didn’t know anyone. I’d tried working out at a regular gym but hated feeling like I was under a microscope all the time. I missed the sense of community you get with CrossFit. I knew it was time to get past my (unwarranted) fears and try a class. I signed up hoping I’d found a place that would not only help me meet people and encourage me to push myself but would also help remind me that working out can be fun.

How did you originally hear about us?

I googled CrossFit locations in Savannah when I first moved here and started asking around at work because I feel like word of mouth speaks volumes. Then one of my coworkers signed up and had nothing but good things to say.

What prompted you to seek us out?

I was in a horrible “workout rut” which left me feeling unhealthy and incredibly lazy. I was also pretty lonely because I would work long hours and then spent most of my free time at home where I lived alone. I knew Steadfast was something I could look forward too and that would also help me meet people.

How do you feel about your future?

I obviously have no clue what’s in store for my future but I do know that the choices I make today will directly impact what is to come. I can only hope that I am as happy and healthy as I feel today.

What have you liked best about working with us?

I love how welcoming everyone is and the laid back vibe. I have never felt like I couldn’t ask a question or been embarrassed for having to modify a workout. Plus, the coaches are great about encouraging improvement without making you feel forced into doing something you aren’t comfortable with.

What would you say to anyone else who might be interested in starting at SteadFast?

Just do it… I promise you won’t regret it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out a day in your life or been to a CrossFit gym. Whether you have aspirations of making it to the CrossFit games one day or are just looking for a place to improve yourself, there is a space here for you to thrive.