What was your goal when you originally signed up?

In all honesty, I don’t even think I had a goal when I originally started. That’s horrible I know, but I really just wanted to be apart of a CrossFit community as all I had ever experienced was training on my own or with Brandon on the on-post CF gym. Yeah, I was seeing results and enjoying the workouts, but I wanted that team aspect; the community that everyone always raves about CrossFit. This was very important to me because my background growing up and throughout college was sports, predominantly soccer, and then at the time when we joined SteadFast, the Army was still a big part of my life and what makes such an organization run, teams that build each other up and work together for a common goal so having a similar mindset at a gym was important in our decision.

How did you originally hear about us?

Brandon and I came for the “Murph” in 2017 and after the WOD we signed a contract as our decision to join and commit to the SteadFast community was an easy one.

What prompted you to seek us out?

We wanted an environment that pushed us. Working out individually or with a partner is great, but there is only so much progress you can make alone. That extra motivation coming from a Coach or a group of 15 grinding out a WOD takes the cake and then when you work out with someone better than you, i.e an insane engine or beautiful butterfly pull-ups that make your onesie and twosie chest-to-bar look like they take years woo-eee does that push that competitive edge over or what?! Not to mention, working out with people who are more knowledgeable than you in strength and conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting techniques creates a whole new ballgame for your performance. So together, Brandon and I felt that in order to improve our technique, see progress and meet our fullest potential as athletes, a Crossfit gym community was the best answer.

How do you feel about your future?

I am extremely confident in my future. After having recently gone through a major life transition (goodbye Army hello civilian life), I have realized that without this community, these friendships, this daily grind to better me both mentally and physically (and the FitAids, can’t forget those babies) I would not be able to cope with or overcome the challenges I have faced and that’s all due to CrossFit, the relationships I’ve built in this community and lots of stretching and mobility.

What have you liked best about working with us?

The community hands down. SteadFast is full of an array of people from ALL walks of life; we have amazing chefs and ship captains, we have photographers and entrepreneurs, doctors, PAs, physical therapists, dental hygienists, nurses, tattoo artists, elite coaches and strength and conditioning coaches, sales reps, Priests, massage therapists, academias, military members, students but above all we are a community of friends and people who lift one another up and that’s not just in the gym.

What would you say to anyone else who might be interested in starting at SteadFast?

GO! Give it a try. CrossFit is NOT intimidating (despite the rumors that are out there) and SteadFast has some of the best people around-they’ll sweat with you, cheer you on, laugh with you and sometimes floss (dance move people sheesh) with you. SteadFast is a community that builds you up, educates you on technique and endurance and most importantly nutrition. You’ll never have a better community of people.