These ladies have been kicking ass and taking names!  SteadFast is proud to announce our newest featured athletes…The Doctors!

Ashley – We started our On Ramp in July of last year as a small group of residents. Before joining, it seemed like my life consisted of working, studying, a little sleep and repeat the next day. We were each working out inconsistently when we could find time in our crazy schedules. At most, I would work out consistently for a month or two and go back to sitting on the couch and eating terribly. When we started as a group of 4, we held each other accountable. We would send group texts to motivate each other and shout words of encouragement during WODs. Other residents heard us talking about how much we loved CrossFit, we became obsessed. Their initial reaction included comments about “joining the cult” or “drinking the kool-aid” but soon they wanted to see what it was all about. At one point, 10 of our 16 residents joined the box!

It is such a great way to meet people outside of work and decompress. I moved to Savannah from Missouri so I didn’t know many people outside of the hospital.  That quickly changed after the first WOD. The SteadFast family, coaches, and athletes included were extremely welcoming. Although I was pretty terrible when I started, coaches gently corrected form and offered words of encouragement. Other athletes in the class cheered us on. The box became a haven after bad days at work; it was a much-needed release to sweat out the frustrations from the day. Now we’re setting examples for other residents, patients, and even our attending physicians. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my outlook and attitude since joining the SteadFast family.


Sarah – In our profession, we’re perfectionists and generally need to be the best at what we do. That is how we became the doctors we are today. The beauty of CrossFit and our SteadFast family is that we get challenged daily and leave our egos at the door. We are not the best, and that’s ok. That’s the point. Just show up. Every time. The coaches at Steadfast constantly challenge me and make me a better athlete. I’m may not be best in the class, but I am becoming the strongest version of myself I’ve ever been. And I have Steadfast to thank for that.

Meg S – Whenever Ashley or Sarah come to me and tell me they have an idea or they want to try something out, I usually have to take a few deep breaths because I know it’s probably some crazy idea. Ashley came up with the idea of joining CrossFit and Sarah quickly jumped in because of her upcoming wedding. I grew up playing sports my entire life so being a part of a team is something I missed quite a bit. At that time I was working out pretty consistently however it was by myself and I would never step outside the box and try something different. Trying to find time to start on-ramp with a difficult challenge with our schedules as well, but eventually, we did it! We finished it off and eventually started working ourselves into classes. At first, I would never go to class without my two “security blankets” because it was something I was not used to doing. Each and every coach at SteadFast was so welcoming and even understanding of our crazy schedules! All of the members at the gym are awesome and I quickly gained a new set of friends. Looking back over so last year it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. I continue to make significant gains and accomplish things I never thought possible. I can climb a rope! I have truly become a stronger and healthier version of my old self. I am able to be a better wife, mother, doctor, and friend. I couldn’t have done it without my new family at Steadfast.

Nicole – I did CrossFit for a few months before I got pregnant and stopped in my second trimester. After having my baby and C-section it took me months to get back into exercising again. I asked my coworkers to start CrossFit with me to get us into a routine of exercising after work. As busy OB-GYN residents, it is very difficult to fit exercise into a busy schedule. However, CrossFit Steadfast has motivated us to work out together, to make it to workouts even when we are extremely tired and to reach fitness goals we never thought we could achieve. The coaches have been so helpful in working with us individually to help us to get better. At work, we are always checking in on each other to make sure we are going to classes. CrossFit has helped to give me balance in my crazy life of being a physician and being a mother.


Meg V – I started CrossFit SteadFast because I decided that I wanted to start a new chapter in my life and learn to take of myself after spending the previous 9 years learning to take care of my family and my patients. I wanted to be part of a supportive community that would push me athletically. Most of all, I wanted to regain part of myself that I had lost in the journey of “adulting.” The coaches at Steadfast can take someone who hasn’t worked out in years and create an atmosphere where you can’t wait to show up for the next class. Plus losing 35 pounds and not being afraid of wearing shorts in Savannah is pretty important.