Warning! I just finished watching yet another Christmas Hallmark Channel movie. So this could get a little sappy. They get to me every time!

I first walked through the bay doors of CrossFit SteadFast in February of this year at the age of 55. And although it took me quite a while to get here, I have never once wondered if I made the right decision. I considered myself to be in pretty good shape. (Now I know I was not!) But I knew that after 50 women can lose muscle mass more rapidly. And I was beginning to see that in the mirror, particularly in my upper body. I never participated in team sports but had
always been active either running or riding and showing horses. But riding is an extremely expensive addiction, and running was taking its toll on my back and knees.

I was missing the community I had from hanging out at the barn every day. Some of my best friends are “horse people”. I was never a gym rat. I tried it several times over the years and never lasted more than a few months. Then I remembered what a friend of mine had told me. CrossFit has no machines, keeps him in the best shape of his life, and promotes community. He had started CrossFit in his 50’s. I told myself if he could do it, I could do it.

So I started researching boxes online and on Facebook. And of course I had to hear all the negative stuff from friends and family about how hard CrossFit is on your body. Actually, I still hear it. Anyway, one place kept standing out to me, and that was SteadFast. When I finally got up the nerve to request more information online, I think Sabrina called me within five minutes. Literally, five minutes! She was so friendly and encouraging, and I hadn’t even met her!

Then I met Trent, Emily, Matt, the athletes…and everyone was always the same. Friendly, accepting, caring, supportive, challenging. I had found the place I wanted to go to every day for community. But it hasn’t been easy. I had never once picked up a barbell before coming to
SteadFast. I couldn’t sit down on the toilet without being in agony for what seemed like the first month. I’ve been so sore in places I didn’t even know I had muscles that I was
hesitant to come in. But l learned that even if you are hurting or have an injury you should still come into the gym and talk to the coaches. They are so knowledgeable, give
great advice, and can help you work around your aches and pains. And just being around the other athletes makes you feel so much better!!

And then there was the panic that came with the immediate six pound weight gain. That may not sound like much for you guys, but I’m a fairly small five foot three. Now I worry
if the scale starts going down because I’m afraid I’ll lose the muscle I’ve worked so hard to build. I’m learning ways to eat more protein, and my diet is the healthiest it has ever
been. I am much more conscious of what I eat and when I eat it and how my body feels in general. Friends have even noticed a difference in me and now ask me for advice.

I only wish I had found SteadFast years ago. I had no idea what a tremendous impact this place would make on my life. I am stronger physically and mentally. SteadFast is my little “slice of heaven”. It’s where I go for unconditional support, acceptance, friendship, commitment, and
sometimes even love. And you, the coaches and athletes, never let me down. I only hope that I’m able to touch your lives just a fraction as positively as you have touched mine!

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