My CrossFit journey began a little over 3 years ago back in my home state of Minnesota. At the time I hadn’t worked out in over a year. I was working full-time and used that and many other reasons as an excuse to not start – I was too tired, too busy, etc. Then someone told me about CrossFit and how much they loved it, which planted the idea in my head. It took me quite a while to work up the courage to walk in to my first box. I had all kinds of excuses – “weightlifting is for guys,” “I don’t know anyone there,” “it would be all new people,” “I’m so out of shape,” and so on. I had a million of them. Once I finally walked in for the first time, I was hooked. Between the community and the awesome feeling that working out regularly gave me, I gave in and never looked back.

Growing up, I was never really the athletic type. I played sports (pretty passively) through high school, but was never a real go-getter about it, not that I wasn’t competitive I just wasn’t all that interested (I preferred reading books – yes, I was and still am a nerd). CrossFit and CrossFit SteadFast have completely changed that for me. I now love being active and working out as many days a week as I can manage. Although sometimes I get frustrated with my progress (or perceived lack-there-of), I look back and remember where I started and where I am now. It’s a journey that takes all of us down different paths, but with some motivation and determination, we will reach the goals we have for ourselves.

One of my favorite moments in CrossFit happened during the Open this last year. I was able to do 16.5 at a box back home in Minnesota with my parents, brother and some good friends watching and cheering me on. Having them, especially my parents, able to see the progress I have made was a great experience. Transforming from the kid who liked to read in her room to where I am now – doing RX in an open workout – made me so happy and thankful for this sport and all the amazing changes and people it has brought to my life.

When I started at SteadFast a little over a year ago, I was admittedly a little nervous. An all new gym, all new people and all new workouts. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been nervous. SteadFast has truly been a blessing and great change for me. This gym has become one of my happy places. No matter how happy, sad, stressed or overwhelmed I feel when I walk in; I always leave in a better mood then when I came in. For that, I have to say that the encouragement from my coaches and my fellow athletes always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. No matter your fitness level, your coaches are there to push you further down that path and towards your goals. The community, as well, is very warm and supportive. Together we make up a community that isn’t just at SteadFast, but almost anywhere you go. There is always a sense of welcome!