What a week! I hope everyone and their families are well after the evacuation from hurricane Matthew. I also hope no one is reading this with a new skylight in their roof. We were lucky, we had two large trees fall and are just grateful it didn’t land on a home, but instead just some poor dodge truck randomly parked outside. We feel fortunate our home is still here and that my parents let me, my toddler, two dogs and a husband crash their weekend.

So I feel I have quickly mentioned in previous posts, that having a workout group was crucial for me. And although it may seem redundant I can’t stress enough that without a support group I would be much further behind. Every time I wanted to quit someone was always yelling “you got this”, and I did have this because I was doing it. The difference is when I was alone it was to easy to quit when it got  hard, but with a group  now I keep pushing on because I felt accountable to them. My group taught me that by example. I watched others push through their own physical struggles and do great things. It became clear that it wasn’t always easy but the successful ones always kept pushing.

Here I found a group of happy healthy adults who empower me to try new things and be a better me. Needless to say, over time these people became my friends. Waking up early didn’t suck as bad when I was excited to see my friends. I wish I made this discovery years ago. I have always let my physical insecurities keep me from joining a workout group. I made an assumption that everyone would be stuck up or judge me, well I’m happy to report no one has ever been anything less than supportive. One of the biggest things I learned about myself was just how much I am capable of, and when I challenge myself I can achieve my goals.

This all brings me to one last thought: I hope I can take my own advice. Recently my family got the news that its time for us to move and this news came really hard to me because here in Savannah I have my Tribe, and I belong. But life is constantly changing and it is my job to adapt. Although I’m scared, soon it will come time to find a new tribe and its intimating, but in the long run I know the results. I got this.

If you know a friend that may be struggling I challenge you to reach your hand out and invite them to workout with you and your group.