My name is Brian Nedab and I own CrossFit SteadFast in Savannah, GA.

SteadFast has had its bay doors open for almost 7 years now and besides my wife,  our team at SteadFast and close friends, I realize a lot of people might not know me, what I’m really about or why I seek to improve our culture/world through fitness. Don’t worry, I have no plans of being Instagram famous, sponsored by anyone or get 100k followers. I just want those who seek to be the best versions of themselves know why I do what I do and what drives me. I prefer to stay under the radar. Maybe that comes from being an only child or because I was never very social either way. That all changes though when it’s time to coach. Then it’s game time, it’s like a theatrical event, but one that people are trusting me with improving huge areas of their lives and that I love being a part of. I get in a zone and I am in my element. I enjoy the hell out of it.

From an early age, I discovered my knack for coaching. I became a junior lifeguard instructor in Long Beach, NY where I was able to build water confidence in teens and put them on the right track to become lifeguards themselves. Later, during grad school, I also coached the swim team I had swam on from first grade through my senior year. I have always found it easy to connect with people through coaching.

I received my Masters in Education and then got activated with the Coast Guard to Beaumont, Texas. There I fell in love twice. My wife will tell you three times because “how could you not fall in love with Texas?” So once with who I now get to call my wife and mother of our two kids and the other was with CrossFit. After actively being part of a gym for about a year I was able to coach again. Sabrina started coaching soon after and we both knew we wanted to open a gym of our own. Owning a gym still allows me to educate, but do it on my own terms.

There is something about the ability to help others become better versions of themselves that drives and motivates me.  Whether it’s developing confidence in someone that doubts themselves or establishing a game plan for a seasoned athlete to reach a better time or lift a heavier load, it warms my soul to see them accomplish what they had set out to do!

So that’s a little bit about me.