The Village

What does the African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” mean to you? For me it was just something people said when they had a close knit group of friends that they could depend on in life with children. After having Asher, these words were meant way more than just “a close knit group of friends.”

Like most new moms all I wanted to do in the first few weeks and even months, and to be honest lots of days now and probably forever, was cuddle and play with my new baby. It truly is a magical time and I am so grateful that I have a career in which I didn’t have to worry about going back to work after a short six week maternity leave. I am a coach at heart though and soon was ready to get back to the gym. I also was ready to start working out.

Before we even had to try to figure out a schedule our “village” was already in place and we didn’t even know it. Before I even asked, I had people taking Asher out of my hand and throwing me into workouts. Before I had time to contemplate if my mind or body was really ready to go hard, I was being yelled at that I had it and to keep going. So, my village goes a little different. My village recognizes that for me to be the best mommy and wife I can be I needed to move, workout, and take even that hour for myself. At the same time, there were the days when I would work out with Asher in the stroller because the workout involved multiple rounds with running amongst other movements. People would take turns with me and Brian running with Asher. My village is also there for me to text in the middle of the night to see if the diaper rash on Asher “looked normal” without judgement or to sit in Urgent Care with me when Brian was out of town.

It is an amazing feeling to see your village grow, some of the best friends you will ever have and some of the people that just needed to be there for certain moments to get you through something. Since having Asher and now Layla it is insane to have as much support as we do all around. Not only to new moms, but everyone I would say take the help without taking advantage of other’s kindness. Understand that people aren’t going to offer if they don’t genuinely want to help. Let your village grow. You won’t realize the impact it has until you start looking back on a year or two and are overwhelmed with joy because they have helped you mold who you are.

…….And then we found out we were pregnant again…….Layla that is, not again lol!