Going on vacation, to a new city for work, or just on a weekend hike between now and August 31st?? Love the CF SteadFast shirts? We will be giving away a PRIZE PACKAGE to the person that has the most creative, most amazing, most exotic picture with one of our shirts on. We have had some pretty cool stories shared over the years about how people went about getting daring pictures with one and how people have run into fellow SteadFaster’s (from different time frames) in Alaska and beyond.
Here are the rules:
1) Any SteadFast shirt must be in the picture
2) You must post it to our Business page AND Instagram
3) be sure to tag us @cfsteadfast and use #steadfastsummer
4) Submit by August 31, 2017
5) Have fun on your adventure!
Have a great week and looking forward to seeing pictures!