The clock counts down, and the coach yells GO! Everything feels great. I have stretched, sort of. Everyone is festively dressed. People that have already completed the workout are having a drink and socializing. It is one of my favorite workouts of the year….12 Days of Christmas!!

Performed just like the song with the movements of:

1 Rope Climb

2 Deadlifts

3 Hang Power Cleans

4 Front Squats

5 Strict Press

6 Back Squats

7 Push Press

8 Thrusters

9 Squat Cleans

10 Push Jerks

11 Hang Power Snatches

12 Overhead Squats

Written weight is 65 pounds for ladies, so I go 55 to make sure it doesn’t take you longer than an hour.


20 minutes in, I start to look at the rope a little longer before hopping up on it, chalking up a little more to make sure the bar doesn’t slip out of my hands, but in all reality at that point to take a little more rest. Fellow athletes walk by to hop on the rope with words of encouragement, which for me is what makes me move. I pick up the bar and realize that my positive strong mindset is fading fast. Why does this feel so heavy, why do I feel like I am not ready to pick up this bar, why did I not do this workout earlier and I would be done by now? I look around and see people cheering and encouraging. I realize that this is about to be one of those moments where I need my other half right next to me, but who knew this workout would kick my ass this much when we decided it was better for him and the kids to stay home because of the gross weather.


I start to see my girls gathering closer by, I start hearing mini goals that they are giving me and start believing again that those mini goals are possible and I start to grind a little more. I hit those goals each round for the next three long long long rounds. I start thinking smart and instead of wasting time on chalking up for rest, I go ahead and get a little couch stretch in each time I come off the rope because my left quad definitely wants to cramp up every time my feet hit the floor again. Then I go ahead and am doing my best to get my mind right for the last round as I literally crawl to the bar.


Ok, this is almost over I say. I snatch the bar overhead and quickly realize this is nowhere near over and don’t stabilize properly which leads me to angrily throwing the bar down, cussing like a sailor, wanting to kick the wall in, and looking at my crew saying “I don’t think I can squat this.”


Then magic happens, they scream back at me. They scream we don’t say can’t because they have been in that headspace and I have screamed that so many times before. They say yes you can and pick up the bar. They are right and no matter how much I want to literally quit this workout, unless there is an injury or my form is terrible and going to cause injury, I personally do not quit. In my mind that is not an option for myself. I snatch it overhead once more, stabilize enough to get one squat in and then shakily drop it again. Now I just get mad and know that literally I actually won’t be able to do this without guidance. I feel weak and frustrated. I go up to Matt Beard with tears in my eyes who I know can mentally get you through this workout. He walks over, gets my mind back to a positive place and counts me down. Literally every noise in the gym seems to stop and all you hear is this calm encouraging voice telling me to breathe, telling you to stay tight, and TELLING me how many more reps I am going to do before I drop the bar. He coaches me through my tears and all the way to the last countdown for the rope climb.


TIME!!! 55:19

The moment I apologize for crying, are confused at why I was, and also know that no one is judging me for it.

The moment I know this workout will be one that I remember every detail of for years to come.

The moment I was incredibly relieved that it was over and that I finished.


This is still one of my favorite workouts, but I literally don’t think I would have finished without a little help from my friends. Matt Beard led our mindset and goals setting workshop yesterday and addressed that most of the time the hardest thing we struggle with happens between the ears. All that is written above is literally pretty much everything that went on in my head in those fifty-five minutes. It is sometimes so much more than a workout. It is sometimes letting things go, conquering your fears, proving to yourself and maybe the world that you are good enough. And sometimes it just keeps you floating until the next day. Some may call it weakness to ask for help. I do get by with a little help from my friends and hope that I can give that in return. You will have bad days and bad workouts, some people are dealing with more than I can ever imagine and still show up. We are extremely blessed that people come into workout, but also come in to get through. We want to say thank you to each and every person that continues to come through the doors at SteadFast and lets this be “their place.”


We are looking forward to 2018 and would love to help you guys set some goals for this next year!


Reminder we are closed the 22-26 and will open for regular hours on the 27th.